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The OZ1000 / OZ2000 is designed to effectively decrease the spreading of any disease in rooms and areas without the presence of people. It is easy to install and should be installed high in the room – on a bookshelf, wall or ceiling. 

The OZ1000 / OZ2000 specializes in the removal of nuisance odors using patented UV-C & OZONE technology and the risk of transferring infectiously diseases is reduced. The OZ1000 & OZ2000 not only removes the odor from the air, but also the odor that may remain in carpets, curtains, walls etc. Indoor air pollution is also the source of headaches, respiratory problems, fatigue, muscle tension, asthma, allergy, dry mucous membrane and eye irritation. All these problems affect peoples’ working ability and concentration. Odors can be hard to eliminate even in a well-ventilated room it may be difficult to remove nuisance odors. With OZ 1000 & OZ 2000, you can permanently solve any kind of odor problems without using chemicals. Unless the source of the odor is still present, the odor will not return. 

Tecnical Data: OZ1000 (T) / OZ2000 
UV-lamps: 1x16 W / 2x16 W 
Operating hours (lamps): 8000 / 8000 
Voltage: 230 V / 230 V 
Power consumption: 30 W / 60 W 
Recommended room area: 125 m3 / 250 m3 
Finish: Stainless steel and coated 
Length: 430 mm 
Width: 130 mm Height 130 mm

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